Netwrap Features
ZEBRA® System – Left–right indicator helps you to load the roll of net into the baler correctly every time – plus, when you get ready to unroll the bale at feeding time, it helps to guide you into the correct position.
Roll End Warning – Indicates to the operator that the end of the roll is approaching, avoiding the risk of bales being formed without sufficient net to wrap the bale.The last 240 ft. of the roll are specially marked with a red stripe to warn operator of roll end.
Extra Length – New longer rolls with extra feet in every roll. Allows you to bale hundreds of bales more.
Night Flash – Reflective end warning for night baling.
Carry Handles – Allowing easier and safer handling. Patent pending.
Edge Protector – Helps protect roll from damage from improper handling and also damage in transit.
Unique I/D number – Unique ‘passport’ for each roll, enabling full production details to be traced.

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