TamaNet EDGE to EDGE® TamaNet EDGE to EDGE® TamaNet EDGE to EDGE® TamaTec+™ Technology
Longer netwrap for a lower cost per bale with increased baling productivity

TamaNet® EDGE to EDGE® with TamaTec+ Technology
A new formulation of advanced raw material with a unique manufacturing process, combine to bring you MORE feet of net on every roll.
48” wide x 12,500’
64” wide x 9,000’
51” wide x 11,500’
67” wide x 8,500’
TamaNet® EDGE to EDGE® has set a new standard for quality and performance of round bale netwrap. With this new concept it is now possible to achieve the Perfect Bale time after time!

With TamaNet EDGE to EDGE you can achieve full coverage that totally eliminates "shoulders" on the bale, avoiding crop losses in straw or hay, and vastly improving the quality of wrapped silage.

TamaNet EDGE to EDGE is approved and recommended by leading baler manufacturers world wide.
TamaNet EDGE to EDGE netwrap is manufactured by Tama Plastic Industry, and Includes these
important  features:
                                       Extra Length   Zebra System®   Red End Warning   Guaranteed Minimum Length   UV Protection   Night Flash   Carry Handles   Edge Guards
48 in. (122 cm) x 9,840 ft.   (3,000m)
48 in. (122 cm) x 12,500 ft. (3,800m)
51 in. (129 cm) x 9,840 ft.   (3,000m)
51 in. (129 cm) x 11,500 ft. (3,500m)
64 in. (163 cm) x 7,000 ft.   (2,130m)
64 in. (163 cm) x 9,000 ft.   (2,750m)
67 in. (170 cm) x 7,000 ft.   (2,130m)
67 in. (170 cm) x 8,500 ft.   (2,600m)

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